The Basics

In this day of age, for a product to become popular, and cut through the noise & competition, it needs to have hyperfocus. Seedify NFT Space will have its focus only in 2 areas: metaverse assets and in-game assets.
These two particular fields will see the creation of the most amazing virtual items we are yet to see.
And they will be connected in most cases. Not only metaverses, but the connected multiverses are the future. In those spaces an explosion of creativity will be found. As Seedify, we want to help in the the pursuits of game developers and metaverse asset creators and make sure users understand what they buy, and fund what they love.
Through funding and launchpad tools integrated into an NFT marketplace at the core, we aim to create a space that is more value producing.
Broad, generalist marketplaces aren’t the most welcoming places for utility based metaverse and in-game asset collections. It’s hard to find information about items’ utilities due to the UI simply not being made for such use. The fees are cumbersome. Browsing and user journeys are not made for the particular fields we are talking about. Value-adding side-products are also not there.
Simply put, games and metaverses need a devoted NFT space that can facilitate a better user experience.
On the other hand, with the right tools and product integrations a supportive environment for project owners and creators can be created.
That’s where we come into play.