$SNFTS Airdrop
The first info
  • SFUND Snapshots — The airdrop snapshots will be taken at certain intervals for 5 weeks for SFUND stakers / farmers. Each snapshot will provide more claimable $SNFTS, at a rate of 1 SFUND = 20 $SNFTS at each snapshot. So for the total of 5 weeks, each SFUND will bring 100 $SNFTS as reward in total if the users are in staking or farming pools.
  • Opensea Snapshots — A strategic snapshot of Opensea users will take place in order for most of the NFT community to become aware of the Seedify NFT Space and its advantages. Based on activity of their wallet volumes, NFT adopters will get $SNFTS airdrops, so to welcome a large amount of new community members to our community with a mass campaign.
  • Partner NFT Snapshots — Since there are certain sets and collections which have more influence in the NFT Space than others, we would like to incentivize the NFT collectors as much as possible to drive awareness and usage to our marketplace. Certain collections will be announced as “Airdrop Targets' and all wallets holding NFTs of that certain set at a certain time will be eligible for $SNFTS airdrops.(Eg. Bored Ape Yatch Club, Mutant Ape Yatch Club, Neo Tokyo Citizens, Doodles, Cool Cats, and other prominent NFT collections.)
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