$SNFTS & NFT Drop Chances
As you know, $SNFTS' only utility is not commission deduction in the Seedify NFT Space. It will also act as a bonus multiplier to earn special NFT drops, while doing trades in the platform.
Algorithmically speaking, when a transaction is being made, the RNG will look for two key data: 1) How much the item being traded costs in terms of fiat 2) How many $SNFTS you got in your wallet The higher the cost bracket of an item is you will automatically have higher chances to get random drops, although even cheapest items will have a drop rate of course. And the more $SNFTS you got, you will be able to multiply the chances for drops even more.
In a dedicated backend application we will form:
  • A Tier system derived from 30 day average price of $SNFTS
  • Your $SNFTS tier based on your holdings
  • Calculating drop chance multipliers you are getting from your $SNFTS
  • Using this bonus concurrently in an algorithm where we multiply this ratio with the item cost reward chance
  • Leaving the rest to the RNG gods to give you a reward or not during any single transaction made in the platform.
So, in short, holding $SNFTS, and holding many of them, will make a lot of difference in what sorts of rewards you can get while using Seedify NFT Space. While these are the base systems on how $SNFTS will operate, we may announce additional factors that may increase your drop chances later on. Stay tuned!
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