$SNFTS Snapshot Calendar
The first snapshots for the $SNFTS airdrop will start from $SFUND staking and farming pools on Monday, 31st of January.
Like mentioned previously, each $SFUND will be counted towards 20 $SNFTS during each snapshot, and there will be 5 of them in total.
Here are the dates for the snapshots: 1: 31st of January 2: 7th of February 3: 14th of February 4: 21st of February 5: 28th of February Again, in order to be eligible for $SNFTS rewards, your $SFUND tokens will need to be either in staking and/or farming pool. So if you want to increase the amount of $SNFTS you want to have as airdrop, we recommend to go on https://staking.seedify.fund/ and stake / farm your $SFUND tokens. The first "airdrop target" collection sets will be announced during this week as well!
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