Diving Deeper
Seedify NFT Space will consist of more than NFT marketplace capabilities such as:
  • Kickstarter-like functions — where users can fund collections before they are fully available, to get mint spots, freebies and more. Thus facilitating more creativity, and a way to early-invest in NFT projects. (Through the use of $SFUND)
  • Auto-launch functions — facilitated by a network of launchpads starting from Seedify IGO, IMO, INO Launchpads initially. To provide additional support in terms of community building, marketing, partnerships, advisory, and other important areas that add to the success of projects, and nft collections. (Participation through $SFUND tiers when Seedify launchpads are being used)
  • Reward functions — each trade that happens on Seedify NFT Space has an RNG based reward chance. These rewards will come in the form of NFTs, and bought through a pool that gets funded through 50% of the trade commission fees. Some NFT rewards will be more expensive than others, and higher transactions will have higher chances to drop rarer rewards, although even the small transactions will have rare drop chances.
  • Cheaper transaction-fees through $SNFTS — while the funding mechanisms of the platform will use $SFUND, there will be an additional native token of Seedify NFT Space called $SNFTS, which will lower transaction fees and increase RNG rates of getting rarer NFT rewards.
  • $SNFTS airdrop — in order to jumpstart the Seedify NFT Space, a very strategic airdrop will take place. The only way to get $SNFTS will be through the airdrop initially; no token will be sold to any party to create an organic community launch.
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